Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Month ++ of "Freedom"......

So guys, its been awhile since I've wrote anything on my blog.. It's all because of one hell of that exam week.. pheeww.. however I managed to overcome it with honour even though I screwed up some papers. LOL!!! But seriously guys, that MicroE???!!! !@#$%^&*()!!!!!!! and that Moral studies?? !@#$%^&*(!)!!!! haiz.. better not talk bout that right? =D

Anyway, my purpose of writing the title "One Month ++ of "Freedom" ".. well actually means we are on HOLIDAY NOW!!!!! woOoHoOoo!!! So, during this One month ++ me and my friends had planned so many things to do.. haha.. we even made a timetable!!! LOL.. no lar.. joking only.. we didn't make any. haha.. anyway, my own plan on this holiday is to play my Keyboard!!! she's been waiting for in my room since I left her for the last 5 months.. bet she's missing me damn much.. wanted me to press her.. play her.. haha.. don't think of negative thoughts arh.. =D i cant wait to meet her.. haha..

next is of course getting some cool electronic devices.. haha.. yep that's right..EOS 550D folks! haha.. but im not sure yet whether im allowed to buy it for now or not.. of course i cant pay it all with my own money.. i meant the money in my account although its actually my mummy's money.. lol.. anyway, hope i can get it during the hols..

so, anyone lovesssss to "memancing"? haha.. my friends are planning to have some fishing activities during the holidays which actually had been decided during the previous semester break. We planned to do it every semester breaks. haha.. its like an obligatory activity for us during the holidays. haha..

oyeah.. one last thing to do during the holidays is a trip to sandakan.. =D One of my friend, Bobby, we'll have some visitors from the West Side of Malaysia which is the Peninsular will come to Sabah to enjoy the nature and excitement here.. =D yeah!! so, he thought of bringing together to make it more memorable and enjoyable trip.. haha. so, we gonna start our 1st day in Kota Kinabalu than will go to Kundasang i think.. next to Ranau.. than off to Sandakan on the 3rd Day.. haha.. im not sure hows the flow though but will ask them later on.. =D

anyway guys, holidays at the end of the year are the most great holidays and you know why?? simply because its the month of Jesus was born!! =D its CHRISTMAS!! heee... i cant wait to meet my family again and to enjoy and to celebrate the coming of our blessed Saviour to this world.. Hope for some great shots during the holidays.. haha..  So MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE and HAPPY HOLIDAYS PEOPLE!!!!

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