Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its Here Everyone

Hi folks.. It's been a long time since i write again i guess. Anyhow, 1 more thing to do during this Advent season.. weee!!! (^.^) a trip around Sabah that's it.. hahahaha.. we'll be departing from Kota Kinabalu to Kiulu for the thrilling yet i hope for a memorable moment there.. soon after that we'll be on our way to Kudat where the great tip of Sabah The Simpang Mengayau is located. Well I guess we'll be visiting there.. hahaha.. or rather going around the cultural village in Kudat. It's a nice place though.. =D anyhow I believe there would be great scenes of sea for me to take photo. Oyeah!! Talking about taking photos, guess what?? I got my own dream came true!!! Now i have my own EOS 550D!!! I did took some photos out of it.. later on I tell ya okays? =D Sooo, where were we? yep.. hope to get great scenery photos there later.. ^^ okay, I think that trip should be in a one day trip only. If not, we would be out of schedule.. LOL.. anyhow, the next day maybe we can bring the not-from-Sabah friends of ours to Monsopiad before going to Sandakan by bus. Well, what are we going to do in Sandakan? It is still a mystery.. LOL.. no larr.. actually we haven't decided yet.. Actually we're meeting soon after this to discuss the trip.. =P haha..

So, lets let the trip be by itself for now. I have great news for u guys.. well, its not like i did not say it earlier but i want to say it again!! =D I got my own dream came true!!! Now i have my own EOS 550D!!! hehehe.. =D So, as i mentioned before, i took some photos out of it right? well here goes..

Haha.. i tried using macro this time. It's quite handy of making such small things to be enormous.. LOL.. looks cool doesn't it? =D anyway, wish u all a Jolly Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 .. =D