Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Faces of Precious Gift Home

Hey all, 

This trip is not what you think. We had to make a trip to any of the unfortunate people to know more about them and experience their life there. So, this is actually a Moral Project which is compulsory to us. If there isn't any moral projects, we wont even think to go.. haha.. i know it sounds im not that caring but we don't have time. =P Anyway, my teammates and I have decided to go to one of the orphanage house in Ipoh which they called it Precious Gift Home. It really had a nice name for a place. They said the place is named Precious Gift Home because the owner believed that children are one of the precious gifts that God gave to mankind. However, the children there, are living happily and trusts God fully. And so, as usual, i took this opportunity once again to get some portraiture of the children. =D here are some of the great photos. Enjoy peeps.......

Precious Gift Home


No guys.. she's not an orphan.. lol.. she's my gurl.. =D

BTW guys, do u think that my photos are getting better throughout the year?? =P
Well even u don't think so, I do. mwahahaha..!!!
i can see improvement in myself however i still need more practice. ^^
wait up for the next uploads yeah.. ^_^ v

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