Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Music Pursuit 2010 Finale

MUSIC PURSUIT 2010 FINALE people!!! woOhoO!! 
This was my 1st big event in UTP that I ever conducted.
It was on 29th of October 2010.
In Chancellor Hall, UTP.
From 8:30p.m. till 11:30p.m.
During the Finale, there were 12 finalists all together in two categories (vocal & Instrument).
Azlan and the Type-Writer as our guest artists rocked the hall that night!!
Without doubt, it was a blast!!
We worked hard throughout the month of September and October just to make this event a success.
Thanks to all the committees for the great commitments.

Stephanie Cristal _ Vocal Finalist

Lorenzo Hardy_Vocal Finalist
Tan Foo Piew_Instrument Finalist

Khairul Anuar_Vocal Finalist
Erna Syafinaz_Intrument Finalist

Akalil_Instrument Finalist

Nellie_Vocal Finalist

Steven Ngui_Instrument Finalist

Muhd Izwan_Instrument Finalist
Mas Izyan_Vocal Finalist

InterBeatz Performance

InterBeatz Performance

Azlan And The Typewriter Performance

Azlan And The Typewriter Performance

Azlan the Vocalist

See guys?? i told you. My photos are getting betterPublish Post and better right?? haha.. neway, wait up till my next photo uploads.. ^^ Thanks Peeps..