Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Improvement in me..

hmm.. so guys.. this time i would like to show u that i had improvement in myself.. lol.. i'll show it by comparing two pictures that i took in two different times.. one time is before i knew how to use the aperture and shutter.. which was during the CSS trip to Simpang Pulai.. there, one of my senior , Edgar taught me on how to take landscapes photos.. so guys, without any further due.. tadaaa....

This is the photo that i took before i learned how to use the aperture and shutter. u dont seem to feel "wow!" when u look at this picture right? haha.. anyway, there's some improvement in myself after i learned bout the shutter and aperture.. well at least i have gained some knowledge, right? haha.. so guys, look at the next photo..

ahhhh.. this is more... what should i say..ermm.. "magnificient!", "incredible!", "marvellous!" and etc.. haha.. well as u can see guys, the photo is much more clearer than the previous one right? This time, I make the aperture to be 20 and the shutter speed to be longer. and that is the product.. haha.. anyway, i think that's all for now.. keep up with me and u will enjoy more of my marvelous photos.. =D 
Thanks guys..


  1. lawa la haid... ahaha

  2. nice. better if shutter 10s or more

  3. already. but i dont have a nice subject like this one. TT