Tuesday, December 21, 2010

50mm lens shot

Featuring Charelline Ann #1.
f/7.1 | 1/200sec | ISO-200 | 50mm | Flash

Featuring Charelline Ann #2.
f/4 | 1/125sec | ISO-200 | 50mm

Beach View.
f/4 | 1/640sec | ISO-200 | 50mm

Pebble stones.
f/5.6 | 1/80sec | ISO-800 | 55mm

Monday, December 20, 2010

Awesome Trip Indeed..

Well guys, as I have mentioned before. My friends and I went a trip around Sandakan and Kudat. I have to say, it an awesome trip indeed.. very memorable. I even met and made new friends. They all are from the West Coast of Malaysia. The Peninsular. Very cheerful and friendly I'd say, they are. Very nice and kind too. Really hope to meet them again soon. (^^,) I even made friends with the tourist guide and the driver. They are awesome.. haha.. they helped a lot. Thanks to them the trip went well even though my friends from the Peninsular fly to Kota Kinabalu International Airport and have not even went to any of Kota Kinabalu places. LOL. They arrive at night and checked in at a hotel soon after they arrive. The next day went on to Kiulu for White Water Rafting and directly to stayed in Kudat on that night. Next day off to Sandakan. No time to go around KK. hahaha.. funny though.. However I know they had much fun here in Sabah toO. We even teach them on how to play the RMS game. =D Oraits.. enough talking and lets see some pictures ey? well i guess these are some of the best snaps I took. Enjoy peeps.. =D

This is The Gomantong Caves. They are many "burung layang-layang"

This is a view of Kinabatangan River in Sukau

It is a wild animal I snapped. It was taken during the trip in Sukau

The Oldest Church in Sandakan. The St. Michael Church
A sunset View from The Tip Of Borneo

Nice view I'd say.. it calms my mind when I look at it.. =D

Tip of Borneo

Some snaps taken by my Dad while we were rafting in rough river

Some snaps taken by my Dad while we were rafting in rough river

Some snaps taken by my Dad while we were rafting in rough river

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its Here Everyone

Hi folks.. It's been a long time since i write again i guess. Anyhow, 1 more thing to do during this Advent season.. weee!!! (^.^) a trip around Sabah that's it.. hahahaha.. we'll be departing from Kota Kinabalu to Kiulu for the thrilling yet i hope for a memorable moment there.. soon after that we'll be on our way to Kudat where the great tip of Sabah The Simpang Mengayau is located. Well I guess we'll be visiting there.. hahaha.. or rather going around the cultural village in Kudat. It's a nice place though.. =D anyhow I believe there would be great scenes of sea for me to take photo. Oyeah!! Talking about taking photos, guess what?? I got my own dream came true!!! Now i have my own EOS 550D!!! I did took some photos out of it.. later on I tell ya okays? =D Sooo, where were we? yep.. hope to get great scenery photos there later.. ^^ okay, I think that trip should be in a one day trip only. If not, we would be out of schedule.. LOL.. anyhow, the next day maybe we can bring the not-from-Sabah friends of ours to Monsopiad before going to Sandakan by bus. Well, what are we going to do in Sandakan? It is still a mystery.. LOL.. no larr.. actually we haven't decided yet.. Actually we're meeting soon after this to discuss the trip.. =P haha..

So, lets let the trip be by itself for now. I have great news for u guys.. well, its not like i did not say it earlier but i want to say it again!! =D I got my own dream came true!!! Now i have my own EOS 550D!!! hehehe.. =D So, as i mentioned before, i took some photos out of it right? well here goes..

Haha.. i tried using macro this time. It's quite handy of making such small things to be enormous.. LOL.. looks cool doesn't it? =D anyway, wish u all a Jolly Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 .. =D