Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Start


This is my very first blog as you all can see. I'm new with this. So, i'm not that used to it yet but sooner or later I'll used to it. Anyway, in this blog I will basically tell the story of my life by uploading photos and all. Besides, I will also put up some of my Best Shots I took throughout the year. Yep, my hobby recently is taking photos. I'm not that good though but I have the passion and determination to improve myself in order to become more better in taking photos. My other hobbies are playing music instruments. Yes.. its basically guitars and keyboards. Im not that great as u all imagine i am but i can play a song with those instruments. haha.. anyway, this is basically about me. Keep up with me and u will know more about me. =D

                                  and.. That's me.. ^_^ its during Christmas 2009 taken by my Bro Isaac.

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