Monday, November 8, 2010

Farewell Party for the Graduating Seniors, 7th Nov 2010

Hey guys.. so, for this semester, CSSUTP brings the members to Teluk Batik to conduct a party especially for the graduating seniors in CSSUTP. Even though it was raining but we still stick to our plan. We departed from UTP around 11am on 7th Nov 2010, and arrive at Teluk Batik around 12:30pm. Its quite far from UTP actually. That's y it takes quite some time to reach there. So, before i continue let me tell u what Teluk Batik is. Actually it is a beach. Most of the tourists and local people would go there to have a swim by the beach and to relax while on vacation. Its quite an interesting place i would say. On the way to the beach, they also provide some other awesome place such as Marina Court and Beach Karaoke. I would like to there some day. If only i have the money and time.. LOL.. neway, lets have a look of this place called Teluk Batik. BTW, I did not manage to capture any photo of the place. So, i just google a photo of it and upload it here.. haha..

So guys.. now let's get back to the party.. =D haha.. Where was I? hmm.. oyeah, on that particular day, we really had fun and enjoy. Marvelous and splendid moment with the members of CSS. First we arrive there and prayed a short but meaningful and blessed opening prayer to start our day at Teluk Batik. Soon after that, we played some games. It was fun. =D Well, as usual, i was busy taking photos. Actually i went there of another purpose besides than going for the party which is capturing a sunset scene at the beach but unfortunately that day was raining and gloomy all day long.. =_='' sad me.. but nvm.. i did capture some nice photos though.. anyway, lets introduce the graduating seniors of this semester. =D 





Maria and Oliver

Hilary and Bryan
There are still three more person of the graduating seniors from CSS but they could not make it that day.. sad.. =( neway guys, now lets look one of my best photo of that day. Well actually this photo was accidentally taken without me knowing but its cool.. haha.. lets look at it..

actually this photo is focusing on a reflection of my own camera lens. if u see clearly on the lens of the other person's camera, u can actually see a "canon" word in an inverted image (like u are looking at a mirror), right? haha.. i thought this was cool and shared it on my blog. =D all right now folks, its time to look some portraiture. I tried some editing of the photos by decreasing and increasing the hue,saturation,add some noises, and tried to make it look like as if it is in the 70's photo.. XD so guys, lets have a look shall we? =D

this is the group photo. =D u can see everyone is having fun on that day. 
Okay guys i think that's all from me now. Hope u all to leave some comments ey.. =D thank you.. and God Bless us all..


  1. Aittt... daddy saw May was also around... she came down to join you all?

  2. yes2.. she went down to UTP to meet us and eventually this party was on that day.. so we brought her to there. =D