Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CSSUTP - Simpang Pulai Trip

Another day after the long semester break Catholic Student Society UTP ended up going for a swim at Simpang Pulai's Waterfall. Well, i took this opportunity again to take photos of the waterfall. Yep, during that time one of my senior named Edgar taught me on how to use the aperture and shutter speed and so on. A new knowledge to me.. =D oyea, not forgetting he also introduced me his "filter" which is used to take scenery photos. Another knowledge on DSLR accesories. lol. Well, this is the outcome of the short lecture by him.. =D take a look. ^^

This is the outcome

Another try of different angle

Same angle as above but now with a "model". LOL..


  1. Love the waterfall effect... nice shot! Thumbs up!

  2. Yup.. it was my first time to use a tripod with this effects.. =D credits to my senior.. he taught me this effects.. =D haha