Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Electrical Engineering Outday Trip

On 20th May 2010, Electrical & Electronic Engineering batch 2009 went to Teluk Batik to have our Family Day there which we always did in every semesters. =D So, we had really much fun and enjoy there. Everyone was eager to go bathing in the sea. lol.. anyway, i took this opportunity to take some photos of the sunsets..

Here we go guys.. some more photos i've taken during the trip. pheww.. this time it is awesome.. there were a lot of nice photos but i will just upload the best out of the bests. =D so enjoy folks.. ^^

Nope.. not my girl. just one of my course mate. haha..=D she was taking picture of me. =P

Using fast shutter with F2.2

Sorry i had no tripod that time. so its a bit tilted =P

i duno y its inside but i think its great for me. haha

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