Thursday, November 4, 2010

Digital Electronics 2 Project

pheww... this week.. i gotta say.. it was one hell of a week guys.. i guess all UTPians was like having tests everyday.. but in my case i got 1 test, 1 oral presentation, 1 quiz and of course, Digital Electronics 2 Project!!! but that project was easy though.. and my teammate (Ngo Lip Chee) and I had fun constructing the project. LOL.. anyway, i did took some photo of our project.. well.. it doesnt look as great as u imagine our project was.. but it was worth it guys!! 2 nights constructing the circuit.. and another night to modify it.. =D pheww.. we worked hard and guess how much we got for our marks!!! 18/20!!! thats like 90%!! haha.. so guys.. have a look our Circuit and product.. =D

before that guys, let me tell u what our project was all about.. this project is called Emergency Siren Simulator with Light Indicator. So basically its for emergency alarm.. whenever we press the button and hold to trigger the alarm, the alarm will wale up until u let go off the button to make it wale down. This is basically because of the frequency of oscillation climbs to a peak and when the button is released, the frequency descends due to the rising and falling voltage on the 22 microFarad capacitor. So, this is some of the details of our project. Well here goes the photos.. =D enjoy..

This is overall of theproduct

This is the circuit we construct

rear view of the product

Top view of the Product


  1. wahhh.... bikin apa la ni kunun?

  2. adedeh.. mmg ketara kau tingu gambar saja.. ada tu sy explain d atas.. kau x baca!! haha..