Saturday, January 1, 2011

Born to be WILD..

Last December, one of my friend, Bobby invites some of his friends to Sabah to have a short tour around here. Well, it turned out to be that I made some new friends with this guy. He's quite the straight-forward guy I'd say. Funny and tall.. Very friendly indeed.. Anyway, this person's name is Boon Hooi Choo. He's a great guy. Studying in Shah Alam and soon will go overseas to further his studies.. This guy has been a good friend to me during the Trip to Kudat and Sandakan. Lets see his picture.. =D this picture was taken during the trip.. hehe.. Quite handsome guy, right Ladies? =D 

Yep thats him allright.. Very tall and handsome. =D 
 So, actually my purpose to write this post is to tell u he has been a great friend to me.. lol.. anyway, he even gave us a present far away from West Malaysia.. hehe.. Well, i got an ash tray..  even though i don't smoke but still it can be a decoration in my room.. ^^ here's a photo of it.. nice right? =D

wokey.. i think that's all for now. Hope you're always happy and healthy, my friend.. =D hehe.. all the best in this new exciting year 2011.. ^^ goodbye folks.. 


  1. haha had, glad u like it... ^^ enjoy ur laz month of holidays in ur hometown... dun go wild under d effect of lihing ;P